Morphe Brushes 35T Palette Swatches, Review, and Photos

Morphe Brushes 35t Palette

Morphe Brushes, who relatively recently blew up on social media, offers tons of affordable brushes and more recently palettes. All of their eyeshadow palettes retail for $23 (plus $9 US shipping 😁) and have 35 shades. Their 35T palette has been very hyped up on Instagram and Youtube recently, so let’s if it lives up to the hype!


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review

The shades don’t have names or number, so each set of swatches will be from each row.


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
Row 1


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
Row 2


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
Row 3


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
A close up for the two left-most shades in row 3


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
Row 4


Morphe Brushes 35t Palette Review
Row 5



This is my second palette from Morphe after the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette released several months ago. After watching @KathleenLights’s tutorial, I had to own this palette for myself. The price is quite appealing ($23) and there are 10% off coupons floating around everywhere! The color range is quite pretty with a ton of shimmers that lean towards the cooler taupe side and several cool toned mattes. I might be the only one who thinks this, but I don’t feel like this palette is a complete palette, I think that it’s missing some brow bone shades to highlight the brow bone.

I’m quite pleased with the shimmers in this palette, they are all very pigmented and buttery. They feel very luxiourious and on par with some other more expensive eyeshadows. If you love shimmery eyeshadows, you’re in for a treat!

Now on the other side of the spectrum, I found the mattes to be dry and not as on par as the shimmer shades. They aren’t bad, but not as amazing as the shimmers. The mattes apply to the eye nicely, but when swatched they are dry and not very pigmented. If you’re mostly into the palette for the matte shades, you might be disappointed.

One thing that I found a little surprising is that there are four shades that contain glitter, I originally thought that two of them were mattes, but I was mistaken. If glittery shades are not your thing, this is a good thing to know!

Overall if you like cool taupey shades and love a shimmery eye, you will love this palette! The price is right and the quality of the shimmer shades is amazing!